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How to Order Your Structure

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"Where can I order my shed?"

1. Stop by any of our sales locations and talk to the store manager.

2. Call any of our sales locations and talk to the store manager.

3. Not sure what location is closest to you? Visit our Store Locator to see locations in your area.



"What are my payment options?"

1. Cash

2. Personal Check

3. Credit Card (We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.)

4. Rent To Own with No Credit Check 

Our Rent To Own program is available with no credit check! With only a small down payment, you can easily OWN your own structure in 36 months. You can even pay it off early with no penalty. This program works out to roughly $50/monthly payment for every $1,000 of retail price. Example: $2,000 retail would require roughly $100.00/monthly payment with $200.00 (2 payments) down with auto withdraw or $300.00 (3 payments) down with monthly billing. Available for up to $9000.00 for 36 months. Rent To Own not available for all products.
Note: Rent To Own is not available for all products (including built-on-site structures, animal shelters, two-story structures, buildings without floors, cabins, and other select products) or at all locations. Select products may require 4 monthly payments down (such as greenhouses, markdown buildings, and other select products).
Learn more about Rent To Own program here or talk to your local sales location manager for all the details and terms.

5. Financing Programs (with approved credit)

We currently offer a financing program through GreenSky. Through GreenSky, we offer a 12.99%, 120-month financing program. Other financing programs may also be available depending on your credit.
Learn more about financing programs here.




"How does delivery work? Do I need to do any site preparation?"

Here at Pine Creek Structures, we offer FREE delivery for the first 20 miles from the sales location where you purchase the building. After the initial 20 miles, we charge a small fee per mile (depending on the width of your building). Standard deliveries are made with a truck and trailer. If you have tight access or other tough delivery conditions, choose delivery with our Shed Mule (for an additional fee). See our shed mule in action here!


When you place your order, let us know if you're ready for the building right away or not. When your structure is ready, our dispatch department will contact you to set up a delivery date. Please note: We do our best to keep delivery appointments, but sometimes things come up. Deliveries may be delayed due to bad weather, difficult deliveries earlier in the day, or equipment malfunctions. We'll do our best to notify you if any of these issues occur!


At Pine Creek Structures, all of our sheds must be placed on a foundation of a minimum of 4 inches of 2B stone. If this minimum requirement is not met, the building’s 6-Year Top To Bottom Warranty is voided. A prepared, level site is the responsibility of the purchaser. It should extend a foot extra on each side of the building (If your shed is 10x12, prepare a 12x14 area). Also make sure the area is truly level, not just to the eye! The pad must be perfectly level, square, and without rises or voids over the entire pad. If your shed isn't placed on a level site, the doors won't open/close properly. For modular buildings especially, we highly recommend a professionally prepared site for a successful installation.


Make sure your site is ready for your structure on delivery day. Ensure there is adequate accessibility to your structure’s site for delivery and that all obstacles (such as fences or tree limbs) has been removed. Check with your local sales manager on the necessary requirements for getting your specific structure to your site. If you're really unsure about your site, we can come out to your property to do a site check if necessary. 


Talk to us about any concerns/questions you have about delivery when you place your order. Pine Creek Structures does not prepare sites, however each manager has a list of local contractors to help you in this process. For more site preparation information, visit our Delivery and Site Prep webpage.



"I'm not sure if I'm ready to order yet."

We take storage solutions seriously. We understand that it's not a small purchase and can be a big decision. So if you are not completely sure about what structure is best for you, stop by one of our locations or call us for help. Feel free to ask our trained team of shed professionals any questions you may have. They'll walk you through your options and help answer any concerns you may have. Check out more information about how to customize your structure here.


We'll help you design the right storage solution for your needs! We make designing and ordering your structure an easy process and can customize a structure to your specific needs. Add extra doors or windows, add workspace, create a porch, finish the interior, wire it for electric, and more... The possibilities are endless! Place an order with one of our trained professionals and have your storage shed delivered within 2-4 weeks typically.



"My structure has already been delivered and I have a question/concern."

1. Contact the sales manager you purchased your structure from. Make them aware of any concern you may have and they'll look into the issue to find a solution. If the manager who sold your building isn't available to help you and you need immediate assistance, call customer service (toll free) at 844-867-4106

2. For concerns regarding damage during delivery: Contact the sales manager you purchased your structure from. Let them know how the damage occurred and where it is on the structure. We'll schedule our service crew to come out and repair the damage. They will ask for photos of the damage so they can be prepared with all of the materials necessary to complete the repair in a single visit.

3. For additional concerns and more information on our structures: Call our toll-free customer service line at 1-877-867-4106 Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm. If we're not available at the moment, leave your name, phone number, and location. We'll have the manager from the location closest to you give you a call to answer your questions! You can also email us at